Monday, July 21, 2008

SHAPE by Rick Warren






SPIRITUAL GIFTS - Each and everyone of us has a unique spiritual gifts.Our spiritual gifts were not given for our own benefit but for the benefit of others,just as other people were given gifts for their own benefit.When all of us use our gift,we are all benefited.These gift is an expression of God to us.This gift can't earn or deserve them.It is the Holy Spirit who will develop our spitual gift.This gift should used in the church or in the ministry where you are a member.It is our time to return to God ans share to other's our gift.HEART - Our heart describe the bundle of desires,hopes,interests,ambitions,dreams,and affections.The heart represents the source of all motivation.What youlove to do and what you care most.Our hear reveals the real you-truly arer,not others think you are or what circumstances force you to be.It determines the things you want to say and why you feel the way,and act the way you do.Each of us,has a unique heartbeat,thuimbprints,eye prints,and voice prints,our hearts beat in slightly different patterns.Its amazing that I no one has had a heartbeat like mine.See,God is so bright and genious.We called to be his servant in our heart.And God talk to us through our heart.ABILITIES - Our abilities are the natural talents that we were born with.Some people has the ability of good speaking in public,some are athletics,some are musicians,and others are mathematicians.Many studies,have revealed that the average person has possessess from 500 to 700 different skillsand ablities.Ourbrain can store 100 trillion facts.Our mind can handle 15,000 decesions a second,as is our digestive system our working.Our nose can smell up to 10,000 different odors.Your touch can detect an item 1/25,000th of an inch thick,and our tounge can taste one part of quinine in 2 million parts of water. There are billions of ablity that God has given us.Use this ability for the Kingdom of God.PERSONALITY - DNA molecules can unite in an infinite number of ways.The number is 10 to the 2,400,000,00th power.That number is the likehood that we'd ever find somebody.It's in our personality that we know from right to wrong.Like a stained glass,our different personalities reflect God's light in many colors and patterns.EXPERIENCE - We have been shapedby our experiences in life,most of which is beyond our control.God allowed them for his purpose of molding us.Every experience we encounter,it has lesson its depend to us if we will learn or let it pass by.

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