Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jordan Runaways

Two Sundays passed, while I scan the channel in my television. I stop to watch the documentary report in ANC. It intrigues me to watch the life of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Jordan. They run away from the cruelty of their employers. It is documented by TJ Manotoc who personally went to Jordan to investigate. They are abused not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I cant help myself to cry to see my fellow Filipinos grieving from pain in the hands of their employer.In the Philippines they are considered as modern Filipino Heroes. Because of their remittances that they send to their love ones here in the Philippines. It really breaks my heart while watching them and telling their own stories. I remember Zarah from Maguindanao. She went to Jordan to work as a Domestic Helper. Her employer ask her to massage him while his wife went out. While she is massaging Him, he tried to kiss her but she refused. To the surprised of her employer he get a pipe then he hit Zarah's back. She also added in her story that she is not eating at the proper time and sometimes she is sleeping in the toilet. They treat us like servants, not humans with dignity.One night, she sneak out in the window and jump so that she can escape. She went to the Philippine Embassy. Where the consul advised her that she has three options:
First pay all the fees that the agency has spend to her.
Secondly go back to her employer and finish the contract.
Thirdly paid your employer for the breach of contract.
I said to myself what kind of options is that? It is an option to just commit suicide. The Consul of the Embassy should be the first one to help our OFW. TJ investigate Zarah's background and he found out that she is minor. She is just seventeen years old.She faked her papers just to go abroad. Zarah change her name to Zahara and place her age as thirty years old in her passport. There are many anomalies in our government's agency. They should take action on this situation not just there and do nothing. These is serious situation.

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