Saturday, July 19, 2008

Confusing Decision!

Recently I applied online in the Internet as a domestic helper.My purpose was to have experience abroad if I were called by the agency that I applied.Two weeks ago,I received a call from the agency that I applied in.They are asking me if could come to manila to have medical and training and of course money to pay for the miscellaneous.I was so excited to hear that news because i thought I will never hear a call from all the agency that I applied in.To my surprise Divine mercy answered my prayer.This is his one of the blessing that he gave me.As i reveal to my mom the news she has mixed emotion.She worries that if I'll go who will manage our store and do the household chores and surely they will miss me.But on the other hand,mom want me to experience what I have finished as a bachelors degree or caregiver course.And I talk to my brother he ask me why you applied as domestic helper.You have a degree you have just down degrading yourself.I told to my dad too.But he's reaction was you never experience here to be maltreated and you get what you want,there are plenty local jobs here.Why leave?If we will get somebody to manage the store,he predicted that it will go down.I ask my cousins about these.I consider my cousins as my older sisters.I value their opinion.That's why I love them.I respect them so much.I'm open minded person that's why whatever their opinions are i respect and value them.As of now,still don't know what to do!I'm confused I just entrust everything to divine mercy.

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