Tuesday, July 29, 2008

State of the Nations Address 2008

Yesterday the President of the Philippines Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave her State of the Nation Address to the Filipino people. She promised that there are no more Filipino people will be starving. There are jobs to those who are unemployed. Those children will be educated and build plenty of classrooms to those area who are affected by the typhoon. These promises to name a few we hear over and over again. Despite of the economic crisis that we are facing today President Gloria claims that the Philippines is very lucky to have a stable economy compared to our neighboring countries.
I doubt that my family are doing some strategies in order to save by skipping meals and by using firewood's instead of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The LPG now is worth P650.00. There are many things you can buy in P650.00.
Look around you Mrs. President we don't feel the good life that you are claiming for. You must be day dreaming, that SONA had cost millions of pesos. The BATASAN Complex has been renovated just for that event. Our dear Congressmen and women are like having a fashion show. Where they wear their expensive suits and jewelry in passing the red carpet which prepared for them. Not to mention their luxury cars that they used.
One last point, why classes are suspended in Manila? Jesus Dureza a presidential spokesperson predicts that there will be a heavy rainfall. I don't know we have Nostradamus here in the Philippines who can predict the weather. Why he made it as an excuse? Why don't they admit that they suspend the classes because Her excellency will give her SONA.

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