Friday, July 25, 2008

I went to mass

I woke up today around 8 o'clock in the morning. After I finished my morning routine I took a bath and select the clothes that I'm going to wear. After fixing myself, I bade goodbye to my brother where he is busy cooking our breakfast at the same time washing his laundry. After 5 minutes of waiting outside, finally I got a chance to ride in the tricycle. Every Sunday is considered as rest day of tricycle drivers. When I enter the church I seated in front approximately 3 meters from the Altar. The presiding priest was Fr.Charlie Celeste, DCC. I like Father Charlie when he share his homily. His chosen words was so touching it inspires me to listen to Him. I noticed this woman seating beside me. My first impression to her was she is beautiful. Whenever there's music playing she sings, dance and smiled you'll never guess that she is suffering from mental disorder. Seating beside her was her Father, as the mass goes on she acts strangely. I pity her, I can relate what she is going through because of my experience with my Father. My Father has psychological problem. He act just like her and I hate Him for doing that.It makes me irritated. I love my Father and I will understand Him no matter what.
Of course, people misjudge this kind of personality but for me judging them will lower their self esteem.Please help them and don't judge their physical appearance.

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