Saturday, July 19, 2008

"The golden rule: Do not do unto others,if you dont what others do unto you"

I remember when I was a kid.I experienced bullied by my classmates and schoolmates.They tease me that Im slow mover or "LAMPAYATOT" so thin and unhealthy.I'm the most thin and unfriendly pupil in our class.I brought my Father along with me to go to school because my classmates wouldn't bull me if my father is around.When i enter into our classroom my Father slip away,He was then a tricycle driver.So,he drive our tricycle to have just additional income.When i noticed that my Father was gone,I cried out loud.One day,I realize that I should make friends and be nice to them.Please them in order to give me respect that I want.I did not failed.I brought this bad attitude when I reach higher grade.I tease some of my classmates.But with that kind of attitude.I was devastated with that kind of attitude.I also notice thatI had a low self-esteem.Its like getting a stone that you want to hit your head.To all the people that I've hurt,from the bottom of my heart "I'm sorry":-{

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