Friday, July 18, 2008

My pregnant pet Alexandra

This is the proof that my pet Alex has given birth to a three beautiful puppies. I told Alex that She will give birth when I come back from my vacation. And I was surprised that after the day I arrived she gave birth. The First puppy is color black. I don't know what I'm going to name him. For almost a month I named him "UNO" or first "DOS" or Second "tres" or third puppies. I asked suggestion from Mica she suggest names of high school musicals characters which I'm not familiar with. My cousin Lyhra Mica's Mom suggested that I will name them Piolo, Sam and Lolit. I decided, I'm going to name after them. My brother doesn't like their names. But I insist their my puppies anyway. The First puppy is Sam who has brown stripes and he is tiny among his siblings. The Second puppy I name him Piolo. He is so big twice as size of Sam. He's color is dirty white and he has short tail. The third puppy is Lolit. Lolit is color white. She's cute and she has long tail among the three.

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